Classic Conference Champions

Wingz Deez Nuts

Mark Kinne

Dale Curtis

Ryan Morey

Brock Sturdevant

Classic Conference Runnerups


Matt Lavin

Brandon Rogers

Rick DeLousia

Chris Clark

Rip Stevens


A Conference Champions

Close Quarters Matadors

John Gober, Jr.

Todd Knecht

Brian Griffin, Jr.

Fred Kinney

Tobin Bush 



A Conference Runnerups

Octagon Inn Pendell Hill Gang

Daren Marye

Preston Marye

Dave McFall

Bob Sturdevant


B Conference Champions

Beagle Club Bloodhounds

Rick Mills, Jr.

Rick Mills, Sr.

Chris Ferris

Austin Euchenhoffer


B Conference Runnerups

John Barleycorn It Is What It Is

John “Sudsie” Sedlak

Mark Vandemark

Mike Bartlow

Bob Tiddick


C Conference Champions

John Barleycorn Daggers

Ahlpheh Wilson

Greg Maus

John Munroe

Todd Stettinius

C Conference Runnerups

Remedy Dutch Rudders

Anthony Sura

James Kratky

Kyle Grahame

Joe Pickard

D Conference Champions

Ideal Bowling Center Armed and Hammered

Marc Diller

Loren Limbert

Cody Morrison

Glenn Matthews


D Conference Runnerups

Annie’s Little Fockers

Jim Strawn

Terry Robinson

Doug Faulkner

Tim Hanrahan


E Conference Champions

Halftime Hellions

Valerie Gangi

Luke Landers

Collin Richards

Hill Burbank

Dan Grace



E Conference Runnerups

Ranch Friends

Brian Griffin

Issiac Edwards

Kelly Gower

Erica Griffin


F Conference Champions

Mad Monk’s I

Todd Bruce

Cody Healey

Phil Hewitt

Matt Ehrets


F Conference Runnerups

Mad Monk’s Guns

Mike Partenza

Cury Almy

Dan Cullen

Nolan Tripp


G Conference Champions


Dennis O’Connor

Kevin Faughnan

Ben Hewes

Cody O’Connor


G Conference Runnerups

Buck’s “To Kill Ya” Shooterd

Tim Bunao, Jr.

Johnny Lombardi

Bryan Dribnak

Mark Allen


                                Congratulation to all the Champions and Runnerups and to the Southern Tier Dart League and Board for another successful season.