Section 1 – The Captain of any team may file a protest for any reason warranting such an action. The opposing Captain must be notified at the time of the protest that the game/match from that point on is being played under protest.  At this point the score sheet must be signed by both Captains, and the score sheet must be clearly marked at the point the protest occurred.  The match should be played out unless physical harm may occur.  The protest must be filed with the STDL, in writing, postmarked or e-mailed  within 72 hours after the match started.  All persons involved in the protest may appear before the Board and be heard.  The match score sheet must be handled the same way as a match score sheet that is not under protest.


Section 2 – Protests will be reviewed by the STDL.  If a vote is needed it shall be done via secret ballot.  When a decision is  made -  both teams will be notified..


Section 3 – The STDL reserves the right to alter the score of a match, if, in their opinion, a precedent is being made that would be detrimental to the STDL.  In the event of this happening both team Captains will be notified.


Section 4 – Any player(s) wishing to appeal a Board decision must do so within 7 days of being notified of the Board decision. Appeal will be heard by the elected officer’s of the STDL Board

(elected officer’s being President, Vice-President and Treasurer) and if a decision cannot be

reached it will be reheard by the entire Board.  This decision will be final.