Section 1 - All league competition, including tournaments and playoffs, shall be conducted on a proper hand-wired English bristle, 20 point, clock faced dart board.  Suggested boards are 1) Raven, 2)Winmau-Accudart, 3) Trulon by Accudart, 4) Nodor-Sportsman, 5) Dartworld Bristow or Umberger, Unicorn (green, red and white), NO BLUE.  Number ring must be removable.


Section 2 - Dart boards shall be placed 5 feet and 8 inches from the floor to the center of the bull’s eye with the 20 bed at the top center.  The 20 wedge shall be dark colored.


Section 3 The foul line will be 7 feet 9 ¼ inches distance from the front surface of the board, or diagonally 9 feet 7 3/8 inches from the center of the bull to the front edge of the toe line.  The foul line will be 24 inches in length minimum (12 inches to each side of the bull).  See Attachment 1.


Section 4 – The sponsors will be responsible for supplying and maintaining a league play dart board which must be deemed acceptable to both home and visiting teams and certifiable for play by the STDL.   Noticeable blemishes or “shot out” bulls will not be allowed.   Board inspection sheets must be made available to any team that  requests the information.


Section 5 – All league dart boards must be firmly anchored.


Section 6 – Light must be affixed in such a way as to brightly illuminate the board.  A minimum of two lights must be used to reduce the shadows cast by the darts, and not physically impede the flight of the dart.  Fluorescent lighting alone is prohibited.


Section 7 – The dart board shall be located so that it is available to the players without distractions to the thrower and able to be viewed by other players.


Section 8 – A scoring surface MUST be provided and located in such a way that the score may be easily read by the players and the spectators, preferably no less than a 90 degree angle from the foul line.


Section 9 – Each sponsoring establishment must provide a bulletin board or wall area for the exclusive posting of weekly results, board inspection sheets, dart news and any pertinent information.  (The bottom of the backboard is acceptable.)


Section 10 – Any violations noted during board inspections or match play may be referred to the STDL. Their decision will be final.


Section 11 – It is the sponsor’s responsibility, in cooperation with the team captain, that all equipment be maintained according to ADO specifications.