Section 1 – An acceptable candidate for the elected office of President of the STDL must have been a bona fide officer of the STDL, they must also have been a bona fide Board member the previous year.  Acceptable candidates for the elected offices of Vice-President, and the Treasurer must have been board members in good standing of the STDL for the previous year.  The Secretary position will be board appointed based upon the qualifications of applicants to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.  Applications and resumes shall be solicited by the board on a yearly basis or upon vacancy of the office, with the position running from June 1 through May 30.  This position will be compensated based on the number of teams registered during the fall season and financial condition of the league.


Section 2 – All elections shall be made by secret ballot.


Section 3 – Separate ballots shall be held for, and in the order of President, Vice President and Treasurer.


Section 4 – To become an elected officer, the candidate must have received a simple majority of the votes cast.


Section 5 – Should more than two candidates be nominated and run for any of the aforementioned offices, the following shall prevail:


1)    Any candidate receiving over 50% of the votes cast shall be considered elected.

2)    Should that not prevail there will be a run-off between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes on the first ballot.


Section 6 – Vacancies will be temporarily filled by the STDL.


Section 7 – No league member may vote more than once per candidate per office.


Section 8 – An acceptable candidate for the office of Treasurer must be able to be bonded.