Section 1 – Sufficient Board Members as required per Article XIV, Section 1, shall assist in the administration of the STDL policy, in conjunction with the titled Board Members, they shall be advisors to their Conferences during sanctioned play, and represent their Conference in any league voting or decision making.  The Board shall have the sole authority to enter into contracts and agreements in the name of the STDL.


Section 2 – The Board will meet at least once every other month.  The meeting date will be determined by the President.


Section 3 – A quorum shall consist of 51% of the total number of Board Members.  In the absence of the President and the Vice- President – the Senior Board Member shall assume the Chair.


Section 4 – No Board Member may vote on any decisions or protests involving their team or taking place in the Conference or sponsoring establishment in which they play or in any vote that pertains to someone related to that Board Member.