Section 1 – Players will be shooting for a total number of points to be determined prior to the start of the season by the STDL.  The number of games and their format will also be determined at this time.      


Section 2  Matches shall be played where designated on STDL schedule unless prior arrangements have been made with the STDL Board.


Section 3  -  The playing lineup must be complete by both team Captains before the start of the match.  The lineup is to be made blind and is to be posted by this time.  All playing spots must be filled in with a players’ name.  If posted player is not ready or present for their turn to play, a substitute can play in the absent players place, providing that the substitute has not been used elsewhere in the lineup.  Once the substitution has been made, the original player will be ineligible to play in the remaining games if they arrive to play.  The substitute player is to remain in the lineup.


Section 4– There must be at least two members of the roster present to shoot the match.  If a player doesn’t show and a substitute is not available the match can be played using a blind.  The blind will always get a zero score for singles and whenever it is their turn to shoot.  Two blinds can be used in a match.  If original shooter arrives they can take the place of a blind in their NEXT scheduled game.


Section 4.1  – If during a match a player must be excused for a medical or family EMERGENCY, a substitute may replace the player in the same spot in the lineup.  This substitution must meet the guidelines under Article V, Substitutions.


Section 5 – Each match must be played in the order designated on the score sheet with the players

designated in a given lineup according to the score sheet.  Within a given game the designated players may shoot in any order i.e. in the team match 4 can shoot first, etc., however, you must not shoot out of order once the order is set.


Section 6 – If there is more than one board in the establishment, the home team has the option of choosing the board on which the match will be played, providing the board has been inspected and approved by STDL.


Section 7 – No later than 30 minutes prior to the time competition is scheduled to begin, the board will be cleared of play by management.  The board will be declared open and available for the  player’s warm-up.  All warm-up activity must be completed by the start of the match


Section 8 – After the warm-up session, each player is allowed only one round (3 darts) for practice

before each game that they are playing in.  No practice darts on any other board in the establishment

will be allowed during a match. The player does have the option of using all three darts for each turn.


Section 9The Captains are responsible for the match running smoothly.  Anyone (players or spectators) disrupting the flow of the match should be warned by their Captain.  Team members should be at the line and ready to shoot when it is their turn.  Any disputes that arise during the course of play must be settled in the private conference of the team Captains only.


Section 10 – Only players and scorers should be allowed in the playing area. You should always stand behind the throw line and out of the shooters line of sight.  If possible all should remain 3 feet from the throw line while a shooter is at the line.