Section 1 – Teams may change their team rosters up to 3 weeks prior to end of the season.


Section 2 – Changes can be made to the roster providing that the new team player is not a permanent member of another team and whose ability does not enhance the team profile beyond the general level of play in the respective conference.  All roster changes will be submitted to the Board.  Roster changes will not be “official” until approved by the Board. 


Section 3  Official team rosters will be maintained by the STDL Secretary.  It is the team Captains’ responsibility to notify the STDL, in writing, of any roster change.  Any Captain or acting team Captain who certifies a false score, or known false name, on a score sheet is subject to immediate suspension without appeal.


Section 4 – Teams may expand their rosters to more than four players providing they pay the appropriate player fee giving that person full STDL benefits and provided that such player is approved by the Board (see Article III, Section 2).  Teams with more than four roster shooters may intermingle these players from match to match and are not considered substitutes.  Any team expanding their roster to five must do so before Week 4 of the regular season or said players will be considered a substitute for playoff purposes. 


Section 5 – All STDL members and substitutes must be 21 years of age or older to be allowed on any team roster.  It is the team Captain’s responsibility to verify that his players are all of age.  Verifiable proof of age may be requested by the STDL (NY or Pa. driver’s ID).  This rule applies to any STDL sponsored function excluding the Adult/Youth.