Section 1 – A Captain is responsible for the overall conduct of his team, and the spectators directly involved with their team;  accuracy of the score sheet, attending all Captains meeting, and insuring that his home location maintains proper standards of equipment.


Section 2 – When required to attend Captains meetings, the Captain or alternate Captain must attend. There will be a 5 point penalty assessed to any and all teams that do not have a representative present at all Captains meetings and packet pickups.  These penalty points will be deducted from the season total points.


Section 3 – Each team should have an alternate Captain as well as a Captain.



Section 4 – It is the winning teams (not the Home Teams) responsibility for reporting match results as per Article VIII.


Section 5 -  The Captain is required to call in the match results either Tuesday evening or before 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Failure to do so will result in a 1 point penalty. 


Section 6 -  The Captain is responsible for sending  in the match results score sheet postmarked by Friday after the match.  Failure to do so will result in a 2 point penalty.  If the sheet is not handed in – your team will incur a 1 point penalty per week until the sheet is received by the STDL Secretary.  The penalty points incurred to that point – with the exception of the initial 2 points - will be returned to your point total for the season upon receipt of the match results score sheet by  the STDL Secretary.


Section 7 The Captain is responsible for obtaining and maintaining contact information for himself, his team members, as well as informing the STDL of  any sponsor issues that might arise.


Section 8 – If a Captain disregards their duties or are negligent in the duties of Captain

and/or impedes or interferes with the efficiency of established procedures, the STDL shall have the authority to require their team to provide a replacement for them.