Section 1 – A substitute is any person that is not a permanent member of another teams’ roster or is not under suspension from the STDL and meets the eligibility requirements.  If a substitute wants full STDL privileges they must join the STDL by paying the STDL membership fees.


Section 2  - There must be at least two members of the roster shooting in all matches.  Failure to meet this rule will result in a forfeit.


Section 3 No person may substitute more than one conference below their previous level as a roster shooter in the STDL.  Any substitute that knowingly shoots lower than their previous level (according to the rules) may be ineligible to shoot for the remainder of this season and the next.  The Captain should ascertain that the substitutes’ ability does not enhance the team profile beyond the general level of play in the conference where they will be substituting.  It is the Captains’ responsibility to inquire of the substitute’s eligibility prior to placing them in the lineup.  Points earned by an ineligible substitute during a match may be awarded to the opposing team or declared null at the discretion of the STDL.  Enforcement is contingent upon match protests or discovery by the STDL.


Section 4 – During the playoffs, teams may only use substitutes who have shot previously with that team during the season.


Section 5 – Any team that has not used a substitute or if their legal substitutes are not available due to extreme circumstances can submit the name of a substitute that they want to use in the playoffs.  This substitute has to be approved by the STDL and meet all of the requirements of the substitutes that shoot in the regular season.  However, if all 4 rostered shooters are present – they must shoot unless physically unable to do so. 


Section 6 – Substitutes individual records will be compiled by the league secretary for informational purposes only.  Only League members scoring achievements are recognized by the STDL and its membership to National Organizations.  Persons not belonging to any teams’ roster may enjoy full league benefits and recognition by paying the appropriate membership fee while still playing as a substitute.