Section 1 – Good sportsmanship should always be the prevailing attitude, treat your opponent as you would like to be treated.  Spectators of participating players must abide by all rules of conduct as stated by the STDL.


Section 2 – Please maintain a proper vocal decorum.  Decorum being defined by the home sponsor.   Common decency is expected.


Section 3A player throwing darts in an unsafe manner will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including possible suspension. Unsafe darts is defined as any dart thrown carelessly or recklessly at the Board and/or any dart thrown at anything other than the board, i.e. on the table, at the floor or at another person.


Section 4 -  Physical or verbal aggression will not be tolerated!  If at any time a player or spectator feels that their safety is being threatened, it is the Captains’ responsibility to call the match over.  The violating team may lose the match as a shutout victory upon approval by the Board.


Section 5  – Attempts to distract a participant while they are shooting will not be tolerated.  Sufficient time should be allowed for a shooter to verify their score, remove their darts and be clear of the shooting area prior to the next throwers turn.


Section 6 – A player’s ability that becomes impaired, causing them to throw darts in an unsafe manner, or impedes the progress of the match to the point that it is distracting to other players should be removed from the lineup.  In this case, no player may be substituted for the player removed and their score will be counted the same as a blind.  In order to minimize any tension between teams, it is expected that both team captains discuss this in private and a mutual decision is made with good sportsmanship prevailing.  These rules will be strictly enforced when brought to the attention of the STDL and may result in suspension of the player from the league.


Section 7 – Anyone participating in a league match or an STDL sanctioned event  in a sponsors establishment must abide by that sponsors’ rules.  It is everyone’s responsibility to know what those rules are and to abide by them.  If you are in doubt, ask the proprietor.  Those who choose not to comply can be suspended from the league upon further review by the Board.  The STDL will not tolerate defiant behavior and will support our sponsors.  You are a guest in their establishment – so, show them the respect they deserve.  Any complaint by a sponsor will be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.  Please use common sense because without our sponsors’ we wouldn’t have a league.


Section 8 – Membership in the STDL may be revoked and/or refused by the STDL Board  for

 any conduct that is detrimental to the league, it’s sponsors or it’s members.