Section 1 – The Winning Team is responsible for reporting, by telephone, e-mail or message board post   the final score of the match.  The Winning Team is also responsible for the completion and the mailing of the match result score sheet to the STDL office.  A penalty of one (1) point will be levied against the winning team if the phone call is not made by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

If the match result score sheet is not promptly mailed (postmarked no later than two days following the match) you will receive a two (2) point penalty and 1 point for every week that the sheet is not received by the STDL Secretary.  When score sheet is received – the penalty points – except for the initial 2 points will be returned to your season point total.


Section 2 – Both team Captains are responsible for the accuracy of the match result score sheet and their signatures on the match result score sheet will attest to its accuracy.


Section 3 – The Home Team is responsible for providing the match result score sheet and the envelope.


Section 4 – Lack of a score sheet will not be considered an excuse for the late reporting of results.  If neither team Captain has a match result score sheet a facsimile may be used.  Extra score sheets may be attained from the STDL office or downloaded from the website (