Section 1 Avoid forfeit’s at all costs – as a forfeit will affect the entire conference and your status as a member of the STDL. If a match is not played as designated by the STDL schedule the two teams have two weeks to play the match.  At that time if the match has not been played it may be considered a forfeit at the discretion of the STDL.  No postponements will be allowed in the last two weeks of the season, unless other arrangements are approved in advance by the STDL.


Section 2 – Exceptions to the rule will be governed by the STDL.  Either team may request a review of a case.  A judgement day will be set and the Board will meet with each of the team Captains only, to determine an official makeup date.


Section 3 – A team forfeiting ONE MATCH during the regular season or play-offs will be suspended

for the balance of the season, and for the following season, with the loss of all entry fees and player dues.  All matches involving the suspended team will be considered forfeits and recorded as shutout wins and adjusted retroactively to the applicable half way point of the season starting point (either week 1 or week 12) with the discretion of the STDL.


Section 4 – Should the entire team not be responsible for the suspension, the STDL will review the

situation and the proper individuals will be suspended.