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Mike Becker

Let me be the first to say a few words about Mike, Mike is a great shot who has been out of the STDL too long.

I remember my first few years shooting A league and watching him shoot and thinking I wish I was as good as he was

He shot with Terry Morey (HOF) Jim 'Doc' Muska, Dennis Novitski, and Andy Krestalude a great team.

I remember when I first started going to tournaments the winners were usually Terry and Mike.

He is also an easy going nice guy. The STDL is worse for his absence Congratulations Mike

Terry Lynch


Mike Becker has been a class act for many years. polite, professional and obviously a great shooter. congrats mike, looking forward to playin again sometime


First it was my honor to give the hall of fame plaque to Jay McIntyre. He has been a long time dart thrower, and spent most of that time if not all of it at the top level. Jay has always been a class act. Always ready to lend advise to anyone that asked for it. He truly loves the game as we all do. Jay is a great model of how you should act in winning or losing a game of darts. We also have another class act as a new member in the hall of fame, Mike The Ice Man Becker. Mike also shot in the upper leagues for years, And like Jay won the top division many times. These two guys have always been cool characters at the line, and at the bar after the match. welcome to hall of fame you both earned it....Tom B.