Well I will start it off with Man what a shooter. I remember a time at T-house on a blind draw Saturday evening and I was watching a match that Mark was shooting in, he had 150 left and someone said you should do it the hard way and shoot at 3 dbl bulls to take the out well Mark says ok watch this 3 dbl bulls and a win. I have seen some great outs in my time even hit a few but I have never seen anyone hit 3dbl bulls in that situation. Mark was 1 of the shooters that made me strive to even come close to his level, along with Dene Rounds and Terry Morey, Mike Becker, and Bob Lateer, and now there are shooters like Brandon Rogers he is the man to beat now. There are a few others that are getting tougher and better my Bro Joe Lynch is 1 as are Albe Bodolus, Bob Cease, Dale Curtis, Dave Breese to name a few. Someone said on another shooters page that Dene and Billy Marshall jr. enjoyed beating you, well Mark was an artist at it , he was cocky and enjoyed whipping you and had an attitude that was as big as the darts he threw, never looked nervous and rarely had a bad day. Now some people I'm sure he rubbed the wrong way, but I looked at it like this if you got it flaunt it, and boy did he have it. A great addition to the Hall Of Fame. Congratulations Mark its well deserved


Heard about him from the moment I got into the STDL. He seemed to be a bit larger than life.....until I met him and he lived up to his hype. He was an amazing shot and another one that everybody wanted to beat - and not many did! I remember seeing him walk into a tournament and evrerybody just kind of breathing out and looking a little demoralized as if their shot at $$ had been diminished. And it was. Always a competitor and a character....the league needs more characters - especially ones that could back up their notoriety. Mark is shooting this year in Classic (after a long absence). Welcome back and congratulations on FINALLY being inducted into the Hall of Fame.