I guess I can say I have been blessed with shooting with a lot of what are top ranked shooters, and Bill Dietzsch is another one that I have not only shot against but have also shot with him. The thing I remember most of Bill is when I was an up and coming shooter myself he would always want to shoot a game. Cricket was Bill's best game and to beat him at it was something that was hard to do. He would always help me and tell me the true way to shoot cricket. I remember always running into him either at the HeadQuarters or at Omalleys and he would always take the time to shoot me  a few games. Bill would shoot his toughest game just to make you shoot better. I remember the first time I got lucky and beat him, the first thing he said was Good Darts Man. When he said that to me there was meaning behind it and I felt that now I was getting to be a better shooter. If you had the chance to shoot against him I think you know what I mean, he would always shoot anyone and help them out the best he could. Bill Dietzsch is just one of many that should be in the Hall Of Fame

                                                                                                                    by: Jim Shaw



I have to agree with Jim Shaw the first time I met Billy was at Snidleys. Our washing machine was broken so We went to the laundramat next to Snidleys . My friend James W Darling owned the place. He introduced Me to this Guy Bill Dietzsch and told Me He was a class dart shooter. So Billy asked Me if I wanted to play a game of darts.. OK I'll play a game which turned into about 20 games. He asked Me if I was going to be there next Thursday. Ya why not so it went week after week every Thursday, and Billy Boy always came in to shoot a few game of darts ..I didn't at that time understand Why a guy of his caliber would waste His time shooting with Me but come to find out His Love of the game and wanting to get other People involved was the reason. after the second week I went out and bought a dart board and darts and haven't gotten off the thing since, in the fall I joined the league four years ago. I have met so many great People shooting darts that it's not funny, and I owe that all to My Friend Billy Boy. Thanks a bunch Billy..

                                                       Your Friend Mike Corson




Bill Dietzsch was truly a sportsman and gentleman, always offering his 
hand in defeat and victory. He worked very hard at a game that he 
truly loved. I honestly believe that Dietzsch enjoyed the companionship 
of playing darts more than the wins. I played 
with and against Bill for a number of years both locally and in ADO 
qualifying tournaments in Cortland & Syracuse. I wish I had traveled 
with him to Florida and other places. It was very hard to beat him and 
Forest Horvath in a doubles match. He loved to play for money whether 
it was for a buck or $20.00 and no matter how bad he was playing, he 
would never shy away. But the truth of the matter is, he didn't have too 
many bad games. You could always count on one thing from Bill Dietzsch
and that was a warm handshake and a "good match". God Bless,