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Ok I'll put a few words here about Dene first of all let me say I have had the pleasure of shooting with who I consider the best local shooter in the league for 4 years  A ruthless competitor who fights to the end. He has won the A league many times countless tournaments locally with various partners and of late with Rick DeLousia one heck of a duo. He has won top ranked shooter and has been an all star in his conference so many times its hard to keep track. If your lucky enough to ever shoot with him or god forbid against him you will quickly see why he was 1 of the first members of the STDL Hall Of Fame

by: Terry Lynch Proud member of the Lakeview Loonatics the 2004-05  A league champions

“Dangerous” Dene Rounds. I knew his name before I ever met him. Everyone said one thing – LIGHTS OUT. No matter what the subject of the conversation – one thing was very clear – he was the one of the best in our league. After meeting him, and seeing him play – it was hard to argue with that opinion. A magnificent shot and a fierce competitor….Dene sets the standard of excellence for all of the shooters in the STDL.

by: Kelly McCoy

I first heard the name Dene Rounds about 8 or so years ago. What I had heard was that he was a up and comming shooter and wanted to move up in the league. A few years later he had made the move to Classic conference. I have never had the pleasure of shooting with him but have shot against him alot, not just in the league but also in tournaments. I would say that he is a very determend player willing to take his best game every time he gets up to the line. Beating him is something if you are lucky to do may not come around very often, but be sure you have your best game in hand the next time you shoot him. I will be the first to addmit it that he has changed his boldful ways and is a level headed shooter now and has been for years, that makes it even tougher to take a game from him. Like many others cricket is his game and he shoots it like he owns it. I think Dene has earned his way into the Hall Of Fame as a top ranked shooter who are in and will be inducted as time goes on. As an old shooter myself all I could say is keep on with your game Dene is a dam good one.

by: Jim Shaw

Jr. and Dene were competitors in every sense of the word. They not only played a lot, they practiced often. You knew they didn’t like to lose and they rarely ever did. They were very knowledgeable about the game. If you were fortunate enough to have a chance to beat them, you better not make a mistake, because if you did, they truly enjoyed beating their opponent

Tom “Ezzy” Esworthy