I have known Larry since some of


I have known Larry since some of my first days in darts and have also had the pleasure of shooting with him. I have had the privilege of serving on the Board of the STDL and is a long time member ,if not the longest Board member we have ever had. Larry , when I first met him was what I thought to be one of the better shooters of the league. over the years he wanted to shoot with friends, no matter what conference he was in . If you have ever gotten the chance to shoot against him he will give you a run for your money and what is even better you don't have to worry about keeping score because Larry always has the marker in hand. My overall thoughts of Larry , well let me say I could not have enough space to say all of what Larry has done for not just the STDL but for anyone that would ask him for help he was there . Larry by far in my eyes is the best STDL member we will ever have along with being one of the best shooters I have known in all of my years in the league

                                                                       By: Jim Shaw


Larry Drumm was always welcoming a game of darts in his establishment and a true gentleman who never uttered a bad thought about the game or his opponent. I also played on a team with

 Tom “Ezzy” Esworthy