Jim Shaw

Well let me start by saying Jimmy is a good friend was a great and underrated shot. He could always take the big out on you just when you thought you had him. He has been a league member just about as long as anyone in the league. Ex President and current board member, Jimmy has had a number of health problems lately and that is the reason he hasn't been shooting. I also shot with Jim my first year in the A league it was a great experience along with Donny Winans & Howard Williams both great guys & shooters it was a great time (when we could keep Howard from looking at that girl line dancing ) Congratulations Jimmy J --- hope to see you back on your feet and shooting

by: Terry

     I have known Jim for as long as I’ve been playing darts.  I have thrown darts against him (once) and watched him play in this area and in Syracuse (many times)  and can say that he was always a sportsman and usually ended up on top!  Jim  has been a member of the STDL for many years.  He’s served as President, Treasurer and probably lots more things that I don’t know about!!! Started out being a friend of my brother’s and then, when I joined the Board – Jim became a good friend of mine.  Jim was President when I started shooting darts.  He was a good President and during very troubled times – kept the ship afloat – spending many nights in the STDL office, burning the midnight oil (along with many other dedicated Board members)  and got us through somehow.   You may not have always agreed with Jim – but you always knew where he stood on an issue – a “straight shooter” in darts and in every aspect of his life.  Jim has encouraged and supported me in my capacity as Secretary and if it wasn’t for him I would never have gotten the opportunity to serve the STDL.  One of the memories that I recall was of  Jim’s leadership when the league was devastated by the untimely passing of one of our members,  Tom Davy.  Jim pulled us together and channeled the grief into action by doing raffles and running a benefit tourney for the Davy family..  It was “over and above” what was required and came from the heart and I’ll never forget it.  I think that Jim is a great addition to the Hall of Fame of the STDL.

by: Kelly McCoy