Well I am usually the first to write a little something about the members and here it goes - Bob Lateer is simply an amazing shot, he has won at the top level and just about every local tournament that has been held Bob's name is almost always on the money list and is the reigning (as of the 2008-09 season Classic (Doug Lee) Conference singles Champion. He is one of the names when called as your partner in a blind draw that makes you smile and know you will be in the money. In my opinion he should have been in the Hall a lot sooner than he was but he made it and he deserves to be here. Congratulations Bob


He is one of the premiere shooters in the STDL. You can tell when someone is really good....because EVERYBODY wants a shot at beating them. I can say that I actually took 1 game from Bob Lateer at a Toys for Tots shoot a few years ago. I was ecstatic (not to mention lucky!) and he was gracious. Bob has won every award that we have to give him (some several times) and he deserves to be a member of the Hall of Fame. Way to go, Bob!!


     bob lateer not only took way to long to get put in the hof bob has taught me a lot 
                                              in the year that I got to shoot with him
Tony P