Where do you start talking about Cathy ? hmm ? well I'll put it like this the best female shooter I ever seen. I have shot with and against her many times and its always a pleasure and a learning experience. She knows the game like the back of her hand and is one of the best teachers of the sport. She will help you in being the best you can be she gives advice and is a true ambassador of the game. She belongs here as much as anyone here, even if it was just for what she has done to promote the sport of darts locally and to pro tournaments as well, a big ADO promoter and participant in the past. Now lets not forget her skills at the line and why she is here a great shot and a smart shot knows what she is going to shoot at before hitting the line. The most consistent female shooter I have seen in our league. There are some real good female shooters like Kelly Lavin, Nikki Wasser there are a few others I've seen but don't know or remember their names. Cathy congratulations on being the first female inducted to the STDL Shooters Hall Of Fame I'm very happy a female is finally in, and I know this is just the start, but its a great start and nobody better than you to get it going.


THE BEST WOMAN SHOOTER THE STDL HAS EVER HAD. She's won tournaments all around the area and beyond. When she was at the top of her game - it wasn't just women that feared playing her. She never gives up on a game and has taught me and many others how to shoot, strategize and find a way to win a game. I remember awhile ago when a friend was in the playoffs and she was unable to get in and the other shooter was on their out. My friend was just ready to give up and Cathy came by and she talked her through a comeback. It was inspired and it's not the only time that I witnessed her helping someone out or getting herself out of an apparently hopeless mess. As a team Captain I find myself repeating things that she taught me on a weekly basis. As well as teaching me how to drink shots of tequila and still shoot darts...she is my friend and someone that I respect and admire not only in the game of darts - but in life. Congratulations, Cathy on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. You are the best and I love ya!!! Kelly