First of all Kenny should be in



First of all Kenny should be in the Hall Of Fame as a person alone, then you bring in the fact that he was a great shot and was a dart fanatic. Everywhere Kenny went he carried his darts always on his belt ready for action. A story I'll never forget was among the many things Kenny did for a living was he was the owner of a house painting business and worked as well painting, well I hired him to paint my house and on the first day of him coming to paint I was just waking up around 10:00 in the morning and I hear a tapping sound coming from my window (I'm on the 2nd floor) so I just figured it was the wind or something so I went out to make some coffee and I hear it again at the window so I open up the curtain and there is Kenny with his darts in his hand (freshly taken from his belt )on a ladder and with a big smile on his face says wanna have a game ? We played most of the day cricket mostly he is why I love darts as much as I do and for sure its where I got my love of cricket. He was an ex secretary of the league ex president, board member and has won many leagues and tournaments locally and was a mainstay in the league for years. I just wish he were still around to know he made it to the STDL Hall Of Fame he would of loved it. One more little Kenny story he was an excellent singer he also did that on the side and one night after shooting at the Tavern House Saturday night blind draw a lot of us went over to Sidelines for some more fun and karaoke he brought the house down singing New York New York no one knew that he could sing that well he got a much deserved standing ovation he is much missed by me and the STDL as well

 One hell of a guy Kenny was

by: Terry Lynch friend and fellow darter


Ken Walsh was a “keen dartsman” as his son said in his obituary. He may not have been Phil Taylor – but he could win a game – even when he was all but out of it. He loved darts and always had his darts near and was known to ask anyone that had a board to “have a game.” He taught my brothers and I how to play Cricket (the Happy Game, as he called it) and brightened many a day for my family. He was a genuinely good man. When I think of him I think of that devilish grin and the twinkle in his Irish eyes. He was a remarkable singer, as well as a darter, and would bring the house down many a time with his rendition of “New York, New York.” - after a Saturday night of darts at T-House. I can’t think of a better person to be in the STDL Hall of Fame.

by: Kelly McCoy


Ken Walsh, Dewey, Art LaRose one or two summers at a Italian spot in the Vestal Plaza(where Tully’s is now). I always enjoyed his sportsmanship in victory and defeat. He taught me how to enjoy the game.All 3 of these guys were ambassadors of the game and they helped it to grow in popularity.

Tom “Ezzy” Esworthy