Southern Tier Dart League Finals for the Fall/Winter Season 2012-2013 were held at the Binghamton Moose Club, 138 Henry Street, Binghamton, NY. Here are the results:



A Conference Champions


Octagon Inn Still Livin' the Dream


Brandon Rogers

Dale Curtis

Chris Clarke

Rick DeLousia


Conference Champion Runnerups


Ball Buster’s, Inc.


Joe Lynch

Terry Lynch

Dene Rounds

Bob Cease

D J Armstrong


B Conference Champions


Octagon Inn Basher’s


Ernie Goodrich, Jr.

Tim Spoonhower

Gregg Burrows

Luke Edwards

Ernie Goodrich, Sr.






Conference Champion Runnerups


Stu’s Scrappers


Mike Yoest

John Yoest

Dave Blaine

Mario Palombo


C Conference Champions


Wingz Jame-o Maybe


Kelly Lavin

Debbie Davis

Matt Lavin

Ryan Morey


Conference Champion Runnerups


Binghamton Moose Club 1013


Jason Miller

B J Coontz

Kevin Harlost

Don Winans


D Conference Champions




Chris Kane

Austin Andrews

Rick Rogers

Charlie Ackley, Sr.



Conference Champion Runnerups


Octagon Inn Brew Crew


Cindy Quarella

Sharon Hand

Kris Lethbridge

Chad Page


E Conference Champions


Martini Room Truck Drivers


Aaron Benson

Tim Roe

Tom Meyer

Jeff Decker


Conference Champion Runnerups


Hitchin’ Post Hooligans


Mike Benning

John Wood

Chris Benning

Floyd Brink



F Conference Champions


Beagle Pub Bloodhounds


Rick Mills, Jr.

Chris Ferris

Chris Hopkins

Nick Hopkins


Conference Champion Runnerups


Birtchy’s Sewer Rats


Brian Maerkl

Al Wagstaff

Barry Masters

Jerry Nemconsky


G Conference Champions


Nite Cap Last Resort


Justin Kniffen

Todd Brunelle

Eric Lurenz

Leon Canfield


Conference Champion Runnerups




Kevin Richter

Dom DiFulvio

Tom Syrica

James Potts


H Conference Champions




Steve Brown

Don Dougher

Shawn White

Ziggy Calvasina



Conference Champion Runnerups


Brothers 2 Flying Projectiles


Bobby Bennett

Sean McGee

Tim Isham

Tim Tingley


Conference I Champions


Mad Monk’s Young Guns


Mike Partenza

Curt Almy

Jason Oziemina

Brian Carr


Conference Champion Runnerups


Sach’s Tee House Drifters


Bob Kittle

Jim Pipa

Bill Fry

Col Fry