Summer 2016






The Finals of the Southern Tier Dart League's Summer Season 2016 were held today, Sunday, August 28th at the Binghamton Moose Club, 224 Henry Street, Binghamton, NY.  The following are the results:

101 Conference Champions

Giblin's Irish Men

Mark Kinne
Paul Riley
Kevin Alger
Dale Curtis

101 Conference Champion Runnerups

Beagle Pub Chupacabra's

John Gober
Pat Smithka
Chuck Morrow
Chris Ferris
Ryan Morey (sub)

201 Conference Champions

Sach's Tee House Crooked Shafts

Tim Heater
Justin Kniffen
Jerry Starks
Loren Limbert
Brian Griffin, Jr. (sub)

201 Conference Champion Runnerups

The Ranch Who Darted?

Jordan Salisbury
Brian Griffin, Sr.
Scott Faber
Josh Heaman

301 Conference Champions

The Ranch Crew

Gary Robbins
Bryan Forsyth
Kathy Smith
Todd Brunelle
Jason Sutton

301 Conference Champion Runnerups

Ransom Steele Projectile Dysfunction

Davey Jones
Mike Liberty, Sr.
Steve Durst
Mike Riley

401 Conference Champions

Octagon Inn Diablo's

Damon Layton
Brice Feal
Dave Camp
Chuck Reavis

401 Conference Champion Runnerups

Sach's Tee House Double In - Stumble Out

Willy Harder
Colin Harder
Todd Harder
Mike Rounds

501 Conference Champions

Big Daddy O's II

Mike Post
Tony Jackson
Joe Striley
Greg Weido

501 Conference Champion Runnerups

East Side Tavern

Jim Pipa
Colleen Fry Monnat
Ian Tondour
Bill Fry

      Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for a great Summer Season!



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